The speech of Diba Tejarat Company's CEO in Cosmoprof

Mr Montazer Saheb has been invited to lecture as Iran's representative in  the Biggest Event of Cosmetics and Personal Care (Cosmoprof)

He explained that:

Ladies and gentleman let me welcome you to cosmoprof 2017 as managing director of Diba Tejarat co., the first Iranian company ever joined to this exhibition. In behalf of my country and my company I want to share some awesome points of Iran market with you.

As you may know, Iran with more than 80 million populations and with a high GDP income is one of the most important countries in Middle East. May be just Egypt and Turkey are like Iran.my Country has a consuming, fast growing, young and well-educated population. Iranian market can be good for anyone who wants to take part in this work. I have to mention that there is more than 10 billion dollars sale in cosmetics and personal care products. Is it enough for Iran?

Of course not! As our researches, after nuclear agreement Iran market is growing too fast. We guess this market till 2020 will be about 20 billion dollars. It means 200% growth in this market.

Another important point is that there is no city in the region like Tehran with around 15 million people having the highest salary rate in Iran. This city has exclusive capacity even more than many countries around. Also we have other big cities like Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Tabriz. Now, is it easy to trade with Iran? I should be honest with you , if you just want  to export  your products top Iran , it could be hard; but  I invite you all to come and explore Iran for producing your products inside Iran solo or with the partnership  of an Iranian company. Why? Because of low cost of land, energy, labor and anything else that affects the price of production. Also you, as a foreign company who produces its products in Iran, can sell your products with higher prices than similar products which means more profit! I’d like to mention that Iran is very safe for invest and for trade. Once again I invite you all to explore Iran and invest there.

We, as Diba Tejarat Company, started our work in the early 2000’s in the cosmetics and health products as a distributer. From 2008 we began producing our products as our own brands with outsource methods. Since 2013 we started to produce all our products buy ourselves, some in Iran and some in our facilities in Turkey. We’ve planned to open a cosmetics production line at the end of 2018 in Iran to complete our basket of products. Right now, we are selling more than 20 million dollars of our products yearly in Iran. We have planned to increase this amount to 60 million dollars by 2020. We are here to open ourselves and our high quality products to international markets and also have a partnership in all types of cooperation with international companies. Also it’s our pleasure to give you consulting services about Iran market based on our about 20 years’ experience in cosmetics and personal care products.

At the end, I wish you all peace, wellness, happiness and a blessed business.

Thank you all.