Diba Tejarat Attendance in Agro Food Exhibition

Iran’s agro food Exhibition is the biggest trade event for the food industry and agricultural equipment in the Middle East. Accordingly, the twenty-fourth agro food exhibition held from 2 to 5 Khordad at international exhibitions, Where in 1500 local and foreign companies from Iran and 37 countries include Spain, Austria, the United Arab Emirates Arabic, English, Ukrainian, Italy, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands and...participated in.

Accordingly, Diba Tejarat Company based on knowledge In order to achieve a position of international trade for the first alkaline stick supply as a unique product in the food industry. Alkaline Water Stick product series of smart products that are made to improve the alkaline water.

 One of the most important nutritional benefits of the this product is neutralizing the acidic environment of the cell body that has been created by poor diet and consumption of harmful foods and drinks.

The alkaline water could lead to better absorption of dietary supplements due to high antioxidant power. Other benefits of alkaline water in the food industry is improving color and taste a variety of beverages including tea, herbal tea down, coffee and ….etc.

The corporate food and related industries in the domestic and international level announced their willingness to buy the product and a partnership with the company.

Hope to the presencing in the exhibition become a landmark in the food industry.

Diba Tejarat Company attendance in agro food exhibition to offer their products in the field of water purification and refining in 14 halls.